Dental Practice d-r Vitanova

Dental practice doctor Vitanova offers an individual approach to each patient. We offer modern dental care, at your convenience. Just an hour from international airport Otopeni Bucurest with free transfer.

Our services

Dental prostheses

Achieve excellent aesthetics and convenience.


Eliminates the need for future fillings.

Teeth whitening

Removing unwanted deposits.


Types of crowns and bridges can vary.


The most important part is prevention.

Aesthetic d-y

Achieve the desired aesthetics.

Eliminates the need for multiple visits

  • No subsequent complications

  • High professionalism

  • Without low-quality materials

d-r Vitanova !! I’m terribly cowardly .. I can say that there I’m going without fear!! My child was there for first time They pulled him two teeth,1 filling and always comes with a smile from the dentist’s office ….
Pediatric dentist d-r Vitanova . My child go there without problems. There are many toys, is very careful dentist. When finished filling she gave him toothbrush. Work with the Health Insurance Fund.
Children and my wife deserve the best treatment, in this dental office getting everything in order to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. I am grateful of good experience for the kids and myself in a good Dentist in Bulgaria Ruse
Affordable, reasonable prices and excellent service! Whenever I need to go to the dentist I know that this is the place. Congratulations for your professionalism and experience. I’ll see you soon!

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D-r Magdalena Vitanova
Dentist in Bulgaria
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Your comfort is our priority

Dental actually improve our smiles and overall appearance. Dentists not only make us look better but also make our lives easier. Enjoy the simple things such as food, conversation and a smile. Forget the awkward social meetings.

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